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Let's Change the Narrative Together...

Our major focus will be to support initiatives that ensure that every child:

  • Is prepared for college, careers, citizenship, and the transition into adulthood upon graduating.
  • Excels in reading & communicating effectively
  • Has access to modern technology
  • Has a safe learning environment 
  • Experiences a positive school culture and climate

Intention without strategy causes chaos...

Student First. All decisions made must be done through the lens of what’s best for children. With that perspective in mind, I will ensure every decision made will be mindful, intentional and data driven. My decisions will not be slanted by political affiliation nor personal bias. The focus must remain on the children and their education! 

One Team. We all know team work makes the dream work. So the question is, who makes up this team? Our team consists of all constituents in Cobb County; students, parents, neighbors, educators, business owners, community and civic organizations, faith community and other community partners. In order to ensure we are exceeding the expectation of the community we serve, a quality controlled survey would allow us insight on our strengths and areas for growth. I will advocate for a “Team” Survey to anonymously assess how the CCSD performs as a “Team” player... With our vision of One Team, One Goal: Student Success, I would like to know how well we are addressing the needs of every team player. This data will allow us to determine what our District Climate Rating is and how we can grow. 

Safe Schools. It is imperative we have Safe School Environments for all the students we have within our purview daily. Safe learning environments include but not limited to adequate safety protocols, trained staff, proper SRO coverage during school hours and after hour activities, along with reasonable classroom sizes.

Long Term Planning. We must ensure we adequately address school needs while being fiscally responsible and create policy around realigning, refocusing and redistricting attendance zones to ensure we not only maximize our resources to ensure student success but also ensure we are adequately planning for future growth and developments within our communities.

Culture and Climate. A positive school culture and climate is one where individuals feel valued, cared for and respected. Such an atmosphere contributes to effective teaching and learning and to genuine communication, both within and outside the school. We will ensure every Principal leader has the proper supports to provide welcoming community schools. 

Engaged Community. It takes a village to raise a child. We have heard this old African proverb for many years and we know it still remains a valid statement to this day. In order to change the narrative around the stigma that burdens our community schools, it is imperative we invest our time, talents and resources collectively. Proper communication is a key part of this effort. I plan to engage the community quarterly by way of Town Halls, Coffee and Conversation and other events in which we can address concerns and build on our strengths to ensure academic success for our community.

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