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State of Georgia law requires political campaigns to use best efforts to collect and report the names, address, and occupation of individuals whose contributions exceed $100 per election cycle. Contributions are limited to $2,800 per individual or/and organization during the general election and $1,500 per individual or organization during the runoff election for a combined total of 4,000. Contributions, in-kind contributions, or gifts to Tre 4 Cobb Schools are not tax deductible.

Our campaign is powered by people like YOU! We will win this one contribution at a time! 


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Mailing Address   Tre 4 Cobb Schools :: PO Box 1412 :: Mableton, GA 30126

To comply with the state of Georgia and Cobb County law and ordinances, political contributors are required to provide their employment information. 

If you are retired, a homemaker, or self-employed, please type whichever one is applicable to you under Occupation, then notate by typing “N/A” under Employer.

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